What We Offer


Our work is technical, but our technique is simple.

Monthly Billing

Amber Utility Management runs monthly bills in line with landlord or council bills for comparative and verification purposes. Landlords and property managers can also bill tenants fairly and accurately ensuring correct recovery.

Property and business owners looking to save time and money will benefit from our solutions.

Amber Utility Management started by assisting individuals and businesses to understand and correct the electricity and water billing issues that so many are facing through their local municipality.

In doing so, found that many landlords were not aware that they had been under recovering these charges from their tenants.

Amber Utility Management has bridged the gap between tenant and municipal billing and has stepped in with these solutions:


Amber Utility Management technicians will install and maintain one of the worlds leading brands in smart meters. The meters are approved by NERSA and SANAS, and calibrated for 100% accuracy.

All meter installations are done to local authority safety standards.

Online monitoring (AMR)

Amber Utility Management offers secure online access to real-time data at the click of a button, allowing your meter to be read any time and anywhere. State-of-the-art software allows for simple yet comprehensive consumption reports.

Consulting and Council Bill Audits

Amber Utility Management has the knowledge and understanding of municipal billing and tariff structures in order to deal with your local council on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle.

We handle any query or dispute you may have on your accounts.

Our utility experts will come to your premises to do an evaluation of your accounts and property, and are able to advise on the best way forward for your needs.